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Catherine Fulford-Schreiber

About The Instructor

Bikram Yoga Teacher:  Certified, spring 2014 in Los Angeles, California

My love for physical fitness started with running.  Then running marathons and raising money for the Leukemia Society. I completed 10 Houston marathons and several others that we traveled to in and out of the country from 1999 to 2012.  One of the marathons didn’t officially count as I came in after the finishing time of I think it was 6 hours back then.

In 2009 I took my first Bikram yoga class.  I remember my enthusiastic teacher saying a 30 day challenge could change your life.  Well my ears perked up and the more I heard it the better I liked it. Of course I eventually took the challenge and of course she was right.  My life was forever changed by the yoga. In 2012 a studio owner started training me to teach and then let me teach. I was still working full time at a job I had worked at since 1980.  In 2014 my husband Ronnie decided he was going to training and after changing my mind way to many times I quit my job and went with him. We never looked back and have not regretted it for one day.

I am grateful to be able to teach this yoga and share what it has done for me with my students it is very satisfying.  I like and try to keep things simple. Enjoy the outdoors, plants, reading, traveling and star gazing and spending precious time with family and friends that are family.