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Hot Yoga Sugar Land welcomes men and women. No experience necessary. Whether your goal is stress reduction, weight loss, improved athleticism or a renewed sense of joy: our community is here for you. Breathing necessary—transformation optional.

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HOT Yoga offers classes 7 days a week. #GetSalty on your schedule!

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You decided to #GetSalty and take your first yoga class at HOT Yoga. We put together an awesome new student guide to help you prepare!

Have you met Alanna? She’s Canadian AND a proud Texan.

Her undergrad was a science degree in Kinesiology, she’s an Exercise Physiologist, Gaiatri-trained Yoga Teacher, and our studio owner for the past 2 years!

Her constitution is mostly Pitta with a bit of Kapha. She’s coached athletes, firefighters, oilfield workers and corporate America, and she wants to see YOU regain your wellness through Hot Yoga.

Whether your goals are to get off medications, work on your functional fitness, stress less, or see your abs again: we’ve got the expertise to help get you THERE.

Check out our schedule and make the time to try our Newcomer Special!

Sugar Land loves to #GetSalty at our studio!

  • A Google User
    3 months ago

    This is a wonderful place to practice yoga and Pilates. The owner is a dream and she runs a nice business. I am happy to say I also work there.
  • Avatar
    Justin Rayome
    a month ago

    Hands down the best hot yoga studio in Houston. Quite possibly the best yoga studio in Houston generally.
  • Avatar
    Jimmy Young
    in the last week

    A golfing buddy of mine suggested to me in 2005 that I should try hot yoga. At that time, I was sure he had fallen clean off the edge. I was thinking chanting, incense, etc. He told me I owed it to myself to just try it, just one time. … More A couple of months went by, it was just after Christmas, I had gained at least 10 holiday pounds again, & I thought I’d go see what hot yoga was all about. I was 50 yrs. old, I had exercised my whole life, but I have always battled with my weight. I thought “how hard could it possibly be?” and headed down to South Blvd, the only hot yoga place in town at the time.Let me tell you – bar none, It was the hardest workout I had ever experienced in my life. I was probably weighing in the 245 range, chubby but was still physically strong, had gone through college on a football scholarship, yada yada, and I seriously thought I would not survive the class. Teacher said to lay down, (which you can anytime you want by the way, no one cares.) I did, and I swore to myself I would never return.A year goes by, Sugar Land Bikram Yoga opened which was close to my house, and I was a little intimidated and irritated I had found that hot yoga was something I couldn’t handle. So I signed up for 10 classes knowing I am a tightwad and will at least go to get my money’s worth, found it was still just as tough, but learned to lay down when I was tapped out. Probably around the 8th class, I realized I could touch my foot for the first time in standing head to knee, one of the harder postures. Having always been a thick, muscular, heavier build-type of guy, this really got me motivated. In the beginning, I literally couldn’t do any of the postures, but now I was getting excited. I stuck with it, going at least three times a week, and have been doing hot yoga ever since. It has changed my physical, mental, and even my spiritual life. I’ve got my weight in a good place, I can do every pose except one, toe stand pose, because at 65 with two total knee replacements I just can’t get there and that’s just fine. Without a doubt, it is the best thing that has happened to me with regards to my health, and I think everyone should get the chance to try it. Alanna at Sugar Land Hot Yoga Is a super nice lady who runs a great studio, it is clean, perfect temps, with great teachers. If it’s in your part of town, you should give it a try. If it’s not close, find a hot yoga studio that is and try one. Hot Yoga Houston is on South Blvd, they are great too. Just go, see for yourself. Like my friend said 15 years ago, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try, you have nothing to lose except some tightness, lack of flexibility, weakness, and mental fog. I’ll promise you it can change your life no matter what your age, your physical shape, or your mental fears. Just go sign up somewhere and try!

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