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Hot Yoga Sugar Land welcomes men and women. No experience necessary. Whether your goal is stress reduction, weight loss, improved athleticism or a renewed sense of joy: our community is here for you. Breathing necessary—transformation optional.

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We invite you to come to check out our #SaltyPackages including our Newcomer special!

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HOT Yoga offers classes 7 days a week. #GetSalty on your schedule!

Taking Your First Class

You decided to #GetSalty and take your first yoga class at HOT Yoga. We put together an awesome new student guide to help you prepare!

Have you met Alanna? She’s Canadian AND a proud Texan.

Her undergrad was a science degree in Kinesiology, she’s an Exercise Physiologist, Gaiatri-trained Yoga Teacher, and our studio owner for the past 2 years!

Her constitution is mostly Pitta with a bit of Kapha. She’s coached athletes, firefighters, oilfield workers and corporate America, and she wants to see YOU regain your wellness through Hot Yoga.

Whether your goals are to get off medications, work on your functional fitness, stress less, or see your abs again: we’ve got the expertise to help get you THERE.

Check out our schedule and make the time to try our Newcomer Special!

Sugar Land loves to #GetSalty at our studio!

  • Avatar
    Paige Frye
    a week ago

    This studio is a magical place. It doesn’t matter which class I show up for, hot yoga, primal flow, inferno hot Pilates, or Hot mix, I am welcomed and encouraged by EVERY instructor. The experience here is PERSONAL not only with the instructors, … More but with the community who comes. If you are looking for encouragement and community in a gym, this is the place to join. This gym has done so many wonderful things for me mentally, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and of course physically. If you come consistently, you will see the transformation. If you open your heart and mind you will FEEL the transformation. There’s no where else I would rather get salty!
  • Avatar
    Louise Imbesi
    2 months ago

    My first time there and I loved it from the moment I walked in. I was warmly welcomed by the instructor and she went out of her way to help. Heard so many great things about this studio and they are all true! The yoga room is spacious, … More perfectly heated, spotless and perfectly maintained. I’m joining as soon as I move here. Even the owner checked on me to see how my class went. Can’t ask for more than that. A wonderful experience.
  • Avatar
    Joe Fox (jdfox1)
    2 weeks ago

    Location and staff are amazing!! Very clean and welcoming. Alanna is a great owner and genuine. They offer a wide range of classes for every level and you never feel ashamed for not being as good as you'd think you need to be. They … More also offer private classes and massages. Best Bikram/Hot yoga studio in Houston!!!

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