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Hot Yoga Sugar Land welcomes men and women. No experience necessary. Whether your goal is stress reduction, weight loss, improved athleticism or a renewed sense of joy: our community is here for you. Breathing necessary—transformation optional.

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We invite you to come to check out our #SaltyPackages including our Newcomer special!

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HOT Yoga offers classes 7 days a week. #GetSalty on your schedule!

Taking Your First Class

You decided to #GetSalty and take your first yoga class at HOT Yoga. We put together an awesome new student guide to help you prepare!

Have you met Alanna? She’s Canadian AND a proud Texan.

Her undergrad was a science degree in Kinesiology, she’s an Exercise Physiologist, Gaiatri-trained Yoga Teacher, and our studio owner for the past 2 years!

Her constitution is mostly Pitta with a bit of Kapha. She’s coached athletes, firefighters, oilfield workers and corporate America, and she wants to see YOU regain your wellness through Hot Yoga.

Whether your goals are to get off medications, work on your functional fitness, stress less, or see your abs again: we’ve got the expertise to help get you THERE.

Check out our schedule and make the time to try our Newcomer Special!

Sugar Land loves to #GetSalty at our studio!

  • Avatar
    Silver Weinholtz
    3 months ago

    I love this studio and I’m always exited to go visit. I live in San Diego and am a yoga teacher out here. I go home to visit my family that lives close to the studio and I always go visit when I’m there. The teachers are always so kind … More and engaging. They do a great job of teaching and very good at motivating their students. You should definitely check it out if you get a chance.
  • Avatar
    Prince Benneth
    6 months ago

    . I must say that I had a really great time at the studio. The coordinators are really kind and easy with starters. I enjoyed my stay at the studio and I am hundred percent certain that I'll be back soon. Thank you guys for your excellent … More services.
  • Avatar
    Drahomira Brejchova
    2 months ago

    The new owner really has the best interest of the people on mind. She invested in a new amazing, antibacterial floor that above all that forces us to really use our core as we cannot depend on the carpet traction anymore!!!! Awesome atmosphere, … More hot yoga literally saved my mobility and I continue to be strong and unbeliavable flexible! Go and try it, you will not be dissapointed – for all the men who think that yoga is a "woman" thing come and try if you are not afraid – its hard!!!!

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