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New Student Guide


Welcome to HOT Yoga!

We say that it’s yoga “practice” not perfect – because we are always learning, and trying to get just 1% better at something.

Maybe it’s remaining still when wanting to wiggle. Or kicking a bit deeper into a posture. Perhaps today’s practice is breathing through the mental clutter that wants to take over the mind during class.

Whatever your 1% improvement today is: we’ll remind you that love is patient. So if you fall 7 times, don’t chastise your Self! Get up for the 8th attempt and know that from a motor learning standpoint “practice makes permanent” in the nervous system.

Every.Single.TRY wires pathways together in the brain. And what wires together-FIRES together ⚡️.

Physiologically you’re one high-speed highway of electricity. Lost that spark? Come ignite it at Hot Yoga Sugar Land!

We are grateful that you chose our studio. Whether you are new or seasoned, our classes are accommodating to newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike.

We want to make sure everyone feels at home at HOT Yoga. Please always:

  • Arrive early to check-in. Registration can be expedited by creating an account online ahead of class! Click here to get started.
  • Hydrate well before coming to the studio; bring a water bottle or purchase a bottle of water in our lobby
  • Eat light: about 2 or 3 hours prior to class
  • Light clothing, light shorts, and a sleeveless top.

Come Back Soon!
Take your next class within 24 hours – not only because we want you to, but because it will help you minimize delayed onset muscle soreness that you might experience after your first class. Generally, you will know whether or not hot yoga is a fit for you after roughly 10 classes. Therefore, we recommend that you take those 10 classes as soon as possible.