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Just a few things to remember for your classes at HOT Yoga:

Please cultivate mindfulness, staying aware of the good vibes we prioritize at HOT Yoga! Latecomers will not be permitted into the hot room as this disrupts the flow of class for those who were on time.

Before Class:

  • arrive 10 minutes early to sign in and set up your mat and towel
  • all other personal belongings, INCLUDING CELL PHONE (which must be on vibrate), remain in the foyer or change room
  • stay attentive to personal hygiene
  • be sure to hydrate well starting the day BEFORE class
  • water is available for sale if you forget your own bottle

During class:

  • listen to instructions, and try to stay in the room
  • stay mentally present and focus on your breathing to get comfortable with the uncomfortable

After class:

  • observe silence during final Savasana
  • leave the room quietly, respecting others’ time for self-care
  • enjoy the benefits of all the hard work you completed in the room
  • plan your next visit by downloading the MindBody app: and register for class!