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About Hot Yoga


Why should people try Hot Yoga?

The short answer—when muscles and connective tissues are heated they become more pliable. Our goal at HOT Yoga is to optimize the time spent on the mat, and the elevated temperature is akin to the “best bang for your buck.” Our team of teachers encourages each person to test his/ her own edge, reminding everyone to exert their best each day. For some people, the work is flexibility; for others, it’s about core strength or stability at joints. Among many other things, the heat also sharpens the iron of self-discipline!

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

  • Muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Stress reduction and injury prevention
  • Relief from acute and chronic disorders

Hot Yoga and Mental Health

Mental health can make or break your day. It dictates whether you get out of bed to face the world, or roll back over to avoid interacting “out there.”

Need an energy shift?

Yoga is known to help you relax and improve your mood … but the American Psychology Association says it’s also a helpful therapy for reducing the symptoms of depression.

So, whatever your barriers are to getting started with yoga: ask us for help.